In the comfort and privacy of our Idaho Idyll, come and…

  • Learn more about yourself

  • Develop more effective interpersonal communication skills

  • Learn methods of managing conflict

  • Shape and strengthen a love relationship to last a lifetime

  • Design a new career and the “game plan” to make it happen

  • Tap innate creativity that has lain dormant for years

  • Overcome debilitating inhibition, worry and fear, or frustration and anger

  • Solve pesky, persistent problems of everyday living

  • Deepen your relationship’s intimacy

Our retreats are not “one size fits all.”

You won’t see an agenda. Instead, each retreat is process oriented. What if we posted an agenda that had little to do with what you needed, and you believed we weren’t a fit? Instead, we ‘vet’ you in a pre-retreat phone interview to determine where you are in your relationship; our compatibility with your desires for the retreat; and your readiness for it.

Our goal is a positive experience with a beneficial and effective result for you. As your retreat approaches, we will send you some ‘pre-retreat’ homework. These assessments, along with our initial consultation, will provide the building blocks we need to ensure that you get the most out of your time with us.

Our Retreats