In North Idaho’s spectacular beauty, you and your love will embark on a romantic retreat of individualized attention in a private, comfortable, truly inspiring setting.

Each marriage has its own lifespan and life cycle. Like people, it has a gestation period, a birth, a childhood, and an adolescence in which it is challenged to grow into loving adulthood. If your relationship is alive and well, it is prudent to ask, “How can we make a good relationship better? Richer? Fuller? Sweeter?” And if your relationship is ailing, ask yourselves, “How can we heal our inner wounds and rebuild a healthy love?”

In every marriage there are three marriages—his marriage, her marriage, and our marriage. We will carefully look at all three.

Couples Counseling, Northern Lights Private Couple Retreat

Personally Tailored Couples Retreat

In this private time together, we’ll explore your marriage’s social, sexual, spiritual, emotional, recreational, and familial dynamics, and help you define, refine, or restore the well-being you need to move confidently forward in this tailors couples retreat.

You’ll gain skills that strengthen your friendship, deepen understanding of one another, allow you to practice constructive problem solving, encourage intuitive perception, deepen intimacy, and with these skills, the tools to sustain your gains.

Once you gift yourselves with this investment in who you are together, you’ll be on your way.

Couples Therapy, Northern Lights Private Couples Retreat

Exclusively Yours

This is a five day retreat with just the two of you. We will meet from 9:00 until 12:00. During that time, you will both meet with John and Laura. You will also meet, individually, with either Laura or John as needed or desired.

We will suggest pleasurable, or at least interesting ‘homework’ and encourage the two of you to do what pleases you with the remainder of the afternoon and evening.

On our final day we will help you put together a game plan for a love designed to last a lifetime.

Come away from the pressures of everyday living with this couples retreat. Allow the beauty of this area, the scent of evergreens, the flight of an osprey, and quiet time together to set the stage for new and deeper meaning in your life.

This retreat is for one couple. It is an intensive individualized program, crafted particularly for you.

Once registered for the retreat, we will send you a packet detailing how to prepare and when to arrive.

Come fly with me, come fly, let’s fly away

Vacations are important. We would advise a couple to take one a year—and yes, without the children. Don’t give up your vacation this year. Couple it with an investment. Enhance your love relationship while vacationing in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

We’re here for you and your relationship. Contact John and Laura today to find out to create a retreat tailored to your relationship.