Don’t take our word for it. These success stories from some of our clients will tell you just how helpful our retreats have been in changing the lives of couples and individuals from around the country.

For over a decade I have directed professionals and their spouses to work with John and Laura Landgraf. Simply stated, they have ‘nailed it’ in their assessments with prescriptions and action plans that have continued to produce revolutionary progress and growth. This is a wise investment of time, energy and dollars. The dividends compound and grow in ways that cannot be distilled to words.

Dr. Dennis Baker

Thank you for an incredible week of encouragement, wisdom and coaching.

R.T., Jackson, WY

I want each of you to know what a meaningful week this has been for me in every way. Your kindness, your mentoring, your insights, your warmth, your compassion, your concern, your support, your genuineness – all mean the world to me.

B.B., Hamilton, MT

So far so good in all regards. The week’s transit has been huge, and we are processing it. We listened to your lovely music on the way west and are ourselves, enormously grateful.

V.B, Long Beach, WA

John and Laura saved our marriage.

S & K, Seattle, WA
There are hardly any adequate words to express our gratitude to you for this past week. We woke this morning encouraged and ready to go. The boost to our confidence and self-esteem is one of the great outcomes of our week together. Thanks again.
D & K, Flagstaff, AZ
Your words, countenances and the unspoken language of your hearts have encouraged us and given us hope for the tomorrows. Thank you for walking alongside us these days in this journey called life. You have better prepared us to live it more fully and safely as you have modeled individual truths you each embrace and those you celebrate together each day.
T & A, San Diego, CA

Hey, you two, I find myself deeply missing you after our week together. Thank you for pouring yourselves into us and giving us so much we can use, work with and grow into. We feel so truly blessed to have been with you and last week will live as a highlight in our lives through the years. You’ll likely be hearing from friends of ours as we will be enthusiastically recommending time with you to them. As well, we will hope to see you again as need arises.

A & H, Raleigh, NC

I want to thank you very much for such a successful week. Mary acts as if a tremendous weight has been lifted from her. She has been more willing to say what she means and I am hearing her a lot better. I could not be more appreciative of your efforts and will continue to do my share. We will keep you informed of our progress.

D.R., Pittsburgh, PA

John and Laura Landgraf know what they are doing when counseling with pastors, their spouses and others involved in ministry. Their work reflects not only their counseling expertise but their life experiences coupled with great wisdom. I commend them to you with no reservations. Whenever I know of clergy couples that are seeking help John and Laura are the first people I recommend.

Dr. Paul Borden
Thank you for helping us give voice to our deep and abiding love for one another through risking authentic dialogue which led us to forgiveness and affirming one another. It has been a wonderful dance. Thank you for being our choreographers and showing us these new steps!
B & L, Napa, CA

Thank you for putting voice to the thoughts that we could not articulate to ourselves let alone to one another.

H & W, Scottsdale, AZ

We just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the great week of guidance you gave us! Words are not enough to tell you how much we benefited from our week. You are truly gifted at what you do and we feel so blessed to have experienced it. Thank you so much!

M & A, Missoula, MT

Thank you for such a balanced, gracious, effective week of soulful co-leadership. Concise, accessible, usable.

J.D., Ashland, OR
The five days with the Landgrafs were helpful beyond our wildest expectations. So many facets of our lives were examined to clarify our thinking now and toward the future. We would say to anyone, ‘you may not need a week with John and Laura, but you deserve it.’ This is the best investment we’ve made in twenty years for the sake of our happiness and self-fulfillment.
J & S, San Antonio, TX