Those who know John Landgraf will often call him a Renaissance man.

He has been a therapist, author, professor, musical director, hospital chaplain, public speaker, higher education administrator, convener of workshops and retreats. John believes counseling is a much an art as it is a science. He has counseled hundreds of individuals and couples regarding identity, lifestyle issues, and career development. He has taught at UC Berkeley, the Graduate Theological Union, Fuller Seminary and Central Seminary. He has been a people helper since his college days and a professional counselor for 40 years.

John soloed on piano at age 12 with the Detroit Symphony, at 14 he toured Europe performing, at 16 graduated from high school as valedictorian, at 21 from college ready to make his living as a musician. A decade later he received his M.Div. degree, and subsequently his Ph.D. in pastoral psychology. He has never stopped reading, writing, and making music. He looks upon “retirement” as “reinvention.” He believes that to move forward in newness of life, marriages need to reinvent themselves. As do individuals. Says John, “Whether I’m in the 3rd/3rd, the 4th/4th, or the two-minute drill, I’ll play the game of life all I’ve got, heart, soul, mind and body – with emphasis on play, ‘cuz if it isn’t any fun it isn’t worth doing.”

John Landgraf, Relationship Counseling
John Landgraf, Landgraf Retreats

To meet Laura is to feel her irrepressible spirit and unrelenting will.

Currently, Laura is an outspoken advocate for transcending trauma, and is frequently called upon by the national media (USA Today, InTouch Weekly, CBS Television’s ‘The Insider’, etc.) for her expert opinion on child abuse and the systems that foster these abuses, and the speaker’s circuit for methods one can apply in overcoming life’s obstacles. Laura was selected by Arianna Huffington to lend her voice as a regular contributor to the esteemed Huffington Post and later Thrive Global. Additional writing credits, Washington Post, Elephant Journal, EthicsDaily, Ten to Twenty Parenting, New York Post, Indy Star, Medium among others. She belongs to RAINN’s Speaker’s Bureau. Laura’s book The Fifth Sister: From Victim to Victor, Overcoming Child Abuse has been used in Sociology Departments in the California State Universities in understanding family systems. Her TEDx Talk Razed by Lions will transform you.

She embodies and exudes her beautiful, victorious life. She believes one must question one’s upbringing, reach beyond it to self-discovery, then make a plan and execute it boldly, thus harnessing the power to soar. You’ll hear her say “If I could do it, so can you.” And you’ll believe it. For more information on Laura Landgraf, please visit

Laura Landgraf, Relationship Counseling
Laura Landgraf, Landgraf Retreats

When they married in 2004, John and Laura Landgraf were already making music together, literally giving concerts across America. They have released two CD’s together, Listen To Our Heart, and Grateful, where they freely explore the grace-full miracle of “Second Chances” as they sing to their six grandchildren and their three adult children and children-in-law as well as their “Velcro Kids,” – the ones who showed up in their lives and ‘stuck.’

Since 2008, John and Laura have worked together as a life and relationship coaching team, helping couples who want to make their marriages ‘sing’ in a richer, fuller, sweeter way – or, as the case may be, need to end a toxic relationship for their own sake and the sake of their children. They work – again, together as a team – with individuals who want to reinvent themselves for the 3rd/3rd of life. They occasionally, with carefully selected corporations, work with leadership teams to build cohesive strength.

Laura Landgraf, Relationship Counseling