Relationship Counseling, Make it or Break it Retreat

Individual Guided Retreats

Think about combining a week’s vacation in one of America’s most charming natural environments, with personal or career counseling Monday through Friday mornings.

Does the idea appeal? If yes, this individual intensive retreat may be exactly what your heart and mind want and need.

We will meet in complete privacy and confidentiality on five contiguous mornings. The agenda? It is yours! Yours and yours alone.

Relationship Counseling, Make it or Break it Retreat

Where Do I Go From Here?

Experience teaches us that when there is a logjam, moving a log is a good idea – and if the logjam persists, moving another log, and yet another log and so on until the jam breaks open. Experience has also taught that when “logjammed” in his/her life, a one-week intensive retreat can often lead to a breakthrough even when a full year of weekly counseling sessions has not accomplished this.

Whether you’re on the brink of your second half, third/third, or fourth quarter of life, let us guide you in discovering how to do best what you like best to do!
Individual Guided Retreats, Professional Success

Create, Design, and Build a Victorious Life

A widow whose children were now adults came on retreat saying, “I think it’s my turn now.” She was right and we were able to help her define “my turn now.”

We recommend that you consider giving yourself a nine-day gift (Saturday through Sunday next).

You can snow ski or water ski or parasail or bike or hike or avail yourself of superb spa facilities before your Monday with us . . . and after your Friday with us, which may be even more important. You’ll come away focused; renewed; invigorated about life, and your role in it; refreshed in body, mind and spirit.

Individual Guided Retreats, Professional Success

We’re here for you and your relationship. Contact John and Laura today to find out to create a retreat tailored to your relationship.