Embrace the “3rd / 3rd” of life!


  • New Passions

  • New Wisdom

  • New Relationships

  • New Discoveries

  • New Purpose

  • New Creativity

  • New Achievments

  • New Hopes

Aging Retreat, Age-ing to Sage-ing Retreat

Honor your ‘Inner Elder,’ your ‘Future Self!’

When does the “3rd/3rd” of your life begin? And what do you want to do with it? Should we ‘think outside the box?’ Or expand our quest even further, and think around the box, through the box, under the box… “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” (Joseph Chilton Pierce)

And what of the wisdom and freedom that comes with age? How can we embrace, with graceful enthusiasm, our ‘elder years?’ Deep inside each of us exists the Inner Elder, our future self.

This is a short list of people best known for what they did in their 3rd/3rd (research shows that involvement in creative endeavor prolongs life):

  • Agatha Christie (novelist)
  • Albert Einstein (physicist)
  • George Frideric Handel (composer)
  • John XXIII (pontiff)
  • Carl Jung (psychologist)
  • Thurgood Marshall (supreme court justice)
  • Golda Meir (stateswoman)
  • James Michener (author)

  • Moses (prophet)

  • Grandma Moses (painter)

  • Sandra Day O’Connor (supreme court justice)

  • Ronald Reagan (U.S. president)

We invite you, no matter your age, to begin your journey to your Future Self. Whether you are in your “second half” or “3rd/3rd” or “4th quarter” matters far less than how you will use this next part of your life. Can it indeed be the best part of all? We think so.

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