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11 , 6 2011

Who’s in control?

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Any relationship is under the control of the person who cares the least. It is usually a long slide toward emotional alienation. True? Work demands, children, life, in all of that did you pay yourselves first? Did you 'dance with the one that brought you,' or ask him/her to sit this one out as life did what life does. The one who cares the most will need to guide the two of you away from the edge of breaking. Is it worth it to you?

09 , 27 2011

Unhappy Singles Make Disappointing Marriages

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For unhappy singles, marriage is always a disappointing experience. Marriage can add to one’s feeling of self-worth if one enters it feeling worth loving in the first place. But the love of a husband or wife cannot make up for the love one failed to get as a child. In fact, before a husband and wife can find satisfaction together they must first understand that they cannot expect to feel happier as a married couple than they did when they were single. Unhappy singles tend to marry other unhappy singles. They soon become unhappy marrieds. Then, when their best efforts fail and their fondest dreams for their marriage are dashed, disappointment takes over. And disappointment is a much underrated emotion. [...]

09 , 21 2011

Forgiveness in Marriage

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Forgivness is an act of love in marriage.  From an unintentional slight to overt betrayal, the ability to forgive your spouse is an act of will.  If your marriage is in trouble, chances are the skill of forgiveness may be missing.  Forgiveness in marriage is not always easy, but it is necessary.  Here is a short excerpt we think defines true forgiveness. Forgiveness does not confer impunity.  Even if the perpetrator has already been punished by the law or in some other just fashion, the victim must forgive.  The law deals with “the outside.”  While it punishes the offender, it does not free the victim.  Wise teachers commonly define forgiveness as “abandoning the resentment one is entitled to,” and therefore abandoning [...]

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