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09 , 16 2011

What Makes This Couples Marriage Retreat Unique?

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When a couple comes to one of our “Make It or Break It”  marriage retreats they may have already decided they want a divorce. But often they are undecided, or one partner wants a divorce and the other wants to preserve the marriage and stop divorce. Because this is so, we spend a period of time listening to each partner describe what they have in mind. This may well be the first time they have ever, in each other’s presence, explained how they feel about their marriage […]

09 , 7 2011

Signs Your Marriage Is In Trouble!

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Five signs that your marriage is in trouble: 1. Your spouse no longer courts you; 2. You don’t date each other anymore; 3.  The language of love is absent from your everyday life; 4.  Your relationship feels more like a burden than a blessing; and 5.  If you could choose again, you might not marry this person. Did we just say the same thing five different ways? Learn more with our Make It or Break it Marriage Retreat!

09 , 7 2011

Marriage Communication

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Sometimes in our marriage retreats a spouse says, “We’re just not communicating anymore.” Reality is, yes, you are. Always. These three principles of communication apply full force to marriages: It is impossible not to communicate; communication is a multi-leveled phenomenon – verbal/nonverbal, for example; and the message sent is not necessarily the message received. Learn how a "Make It or Break Marriage Retreat" can help save your marriage today!

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