signs your marraige is in trouble

11 , 5 2012

Living Alone Together

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Whether one is left or does the leaving – or never leaves or is left physically, just emotionally – the breakdown of a relationship in which one has invested much hope and many years is a daunting experience. The fact that it may be financially catastrophic and complicate the raising of children only deepens the emotional loss and accounts for the fact that many people elect to remain in unhappy marriages. Many couples live alone together. – adapted from Gordon Livingston’s “AND NEVER STOP DANCING”

09 , 7 2011

Signs Your Marriage Is In Trouble!

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Five signs that your marriage is in trouble: 1. Your spouse no longer courts you; 2. You don’t date each other anymore; 3.  The language of love is absent from your everyday life; 4.  Your relationship feels more like a burden than a blessing; and 5.  If you could choose again, you might not marry this person. Did we just say the same thing five different ways? Learn more with our Make It or Break it Marriage Retreat!

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